About Espeka

Espeka Zambia Ltd is a duly registered Zambian Company with the Registrar of
Companies; fully incorporated on the 28th January, 2008 under the Companies Act of
the Laws of Zambia.
The company is headed by people with the appropriate skills and expertise in their
respective elds. In a devoted way, we seek to bring well trained and experienced
people ofspecialized professionalisms so as to offer to the Zambian market a wide
range of products and services at an internationally competitive level.


To grow to a truly international status; providing an unsurpassed legacy of a truly branded service, in the area of both supply and procurement solutions; and service delivery in all aspects of our business.


The overriding principals in operating and managing ESPEKA are the core basis for our vision of building a highly competitive presence in the area of our business and these
are as outlined:

  • The drive of meeting emergency needs of our clientele based on an ecient and quick service delivery system
  • Delivering the clients’ desired goods and services at the highest quality possible
  • Feedback: Listening closely to end users of our products and services
    To deliver ecient and friendly services across all sectors of the Zambian economy i.e. the Mining Industry, Government Ministries, Private Entities, Non- Governmental Organizations and individuals alike
  • Maintaining an excellent customer rapport by ensuring a zero rated failure on our service delivery
  • Innovation is indeed our Passion: The creativity to nd the right solution for you, our esteemed client

Core Values

  • We are servants of our client; you command our service for your full benet
  • Ideas solicited from you our clients, perfect us unto a stronger position
  • An excellent employee – customer relation is one of our core values. It builds our standing in the current global volatile market
  • Integrity is the master of our operations, maximizing excellence in service delivery to satisfy our client beyond expectations
  • Our employees work with a sense of ownership and control over their work giving them an urge to deliver at their very best of expertise
  • Meeting the objectives of shareholders and creating a rapid growth rate in turn
  • We value a diverse and changing world enabling our service to cut across all
    sectors of society.

Our Future

Born indigenously Zambian, on a business model developed by Zambians,
promising ourselves and the clientele that we are to settle for nothing but greatness, the future is a big conglomerate by and for all Zambians, called ESPEKA.